This Week in Gay News: All-Lesbian Homecoming and LBGT Adoption Bill in Senate

Gillibrand Stumps for Gay Adoption Bill

Kirsten Gillibrand Gay Adoption Bill
November is National Adoption Week! In celebration, the big news this week was NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s introduction of the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act” (ECDF).

The bill, if passed, will eliminate state laws, policies, practices, and procedures that “exclude potential adoptive and foster parents because marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.”
In light of the recent study on the financial and social inequities facing LGBT families, the bill is much needed and long overdue.

A press release sent out by Gillibrand’s office notes that LGBT couples or individuals looking to adopt or become foster parents are discriminated against in more than 30 states. It states:

“While most states permit single LGBT parents to adopt, many do not allow LGBT couples to adopt. Currently, five states prohibit same-sex couples from adopting (Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina and Michigan). There are 6 states that ban same-sex parents from adopting their partner’s children. More than two dozen states remain silent on how prospective LGBT foster and adoptive parents should be treated.

A 2001 University of Los Angeles study showed that LGBT couples are just as ‘fit, effective and successful as similar heterosexual parents.’ There are two million LGBT people who have considered becoming adoptive or foster parents, according to the Williams Institute at UCLA. Currently 65,000 adopted children currently live with a gay or lesbian parent. In 2008, a Williams Institute study found that more than 10,500 same-sex couples are raising over 21,000 children in New York State.”

We’ve outlined how confusing and crazy state-by-state adoption lawes are before, and this bill is a much-needed step in allowing gay parents to adopt without jumping through 50 different hoops.

The House version of this bill, introduced by Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) in May of 2011, currently has bi-partisan support.

The news of the bill prompted an nice story from the NY Daily News on an LGBT family that benefitted from NY’s adoption policy.

However, the bill also prompted the Family Research Council to try and pray (the gay adoption) away, according to Joe. My. God..

Via Huffington Post.

A Day in Gay America

If you haven’t seen The Advocate’s moving photo galleries from A Day in Gay America, they are worth checking out. The project asks LGBT readers to submit photos from their lives on one day – August 12, 2011 – to show how we are part of the community, and the fabric of American landscape.

This year The Advocate is showcasing photos from gay families, gay celebrities, young and gay, pets, and many more. Check out all of the photos from A Day in Gay America here.

Men Having Babies

Gay Dads Twins
In random and randomly amazing family news, these Australian gay dads came out of Indian Surrogacy with not one, but two pairs of twins.

Via The Herald Sun.

And speaking of Men Having Babies, Center Families at the LGBT Center in Manhattan recently held their seventh annual conference on gestational surrogacy featuring a panel of experts, gay parents, surrogates and an egg donors addressing ethical questions often raised regarding surrogacy and gay parenting.

The YouTube channel devoted to the conference is an excellent resource for anyone considering surrogacy, especially gay male couples.

Lesbians Sweep Homecoming

In California, lesbian Rebecca Arellano was crowned the homecoming king at San Diego’s Patrick Henry High School, setting pretty much every gay news outlet afire with excitement. AND THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS: Her girlfriend, Haileigh Adams, was elected homecoming queen—making them the first lesbian homecoming couple in the United States. It doesn’t hurt that the couple look like pretty androgynous pixies – in fact, the whole thing is pretty damn cute.

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Via ABC News.

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