Gay Family Values: Have You Met Jay and Bryan?

I first came across the Depfox family a few months ago while poking around various gay family blogs. They are a real life modern family who began recording their daily lives after Proposition 8 was passed in California in 2008. They are a two dad family living in California and doing their best to show that gay families are normal, loving, and deserving of the same rights as straight families in California. On their website, they explain their motivation behind their YouTube series:

We are: Jay, Bryan, Daniel, and Selena, known on youtube as the Depfox family. When Prop 8 was approved in California on November 4′th, 2008, we were a private family living in Northern California. Like many other gay families, we were angered and saddened by its passage but, had nowhere to go to express that anger or to talk with others who understood what it means to have your rights stripped away in such a manner. We did a search for “gay families” on the internet and found nothing reflecting what our lives really looked like.

Thus we put our first video onto Youtube. Just a simple video of our family sitting around the dinner table talking to Youtube listeners about Prop 8. That video did better than we could have ever expected and we saw a need to show people what a gay family really looked like. We wanted to put a face on the fight for marriage equality and to break some stereotypes about GLBT families.

Now Jay and Bryan and family are the subject of an upcoming documentary, called The Right to Love. You can watch the trailer here:


  1. Ryan says:

    I love their videos and site!

  2. This is great! I hadn’t heard about this family. Thanks for sharing this!


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