The WE DO Campaign: This Video Will Make You Cry

As you may have heard, there is a raging debate going on in North Carolina over gay marriage, culminating in a vote that is now on the ballot for spring 2012 on whether or not to ban gay marriage in the state constitution.

Now one group is protesting the current law – and the proposed ban – with a symbolic gesture. The WE DO campaign, organized by the Campaign for Southern Equality, asked same sex couples to apply for a marriage license between October 3rd and 14th at the County Register in Asheville, N.C. Same sex marriage is currently defined in North Carolina as between a man and a woman, so the state cannot legally recognize couples who wish to marry. The ban on the ballot would make that definition part of the state constitution if it is passed.

The video below is a record of what happened when those couples applied. You may want to grab a box of Kleenex, especially at 1:06 minutes in.

You can support the WE DO campaign here, here, and here.

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