This Week In Stupid

Some weeks are better than others. Some just leave us shaking our heads. Bringing you all the gay news that’s fit to protest from the past few weeks.

Santorum Continues to Suck

Rick Santorum continues to blaze a trail of depression and sadness throughout the land. When challenged by a student on the campaign trail over his statements about gay parenting, Santorum apparently started questioning the American Psychological Association. Via Mediaite.

Oh, This Makes Sense

Focus on the Family reveals yet another evil menace to a strong Christian marriage: Fabio and his ilk. Calling the unrealistic male characters in soap operas and romance novels “emotional porn,” the (male) author of this little piece from Focus on the Family asks ladies to lower their expectations even further. Via Joe. My. God.

(Un)Fair Wars

Guess which Minnesota marriage group got behind State Fair lines in order to greet fairgoers with their fair and balanced message? C’mon Minnesota! Via On Top Mag

Ad Sense

Major advertisers, including General Mills and Remax Realty appeared to pull their ads from ABC’s Pretty Little Liars after a character came out as a lesbian, and after what appears to be a little chat with the Florida Family Association. Yeah, because people will stop buying Cheerios over a teenage lesbian. Via NY Mag

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