1 Million Gays in the U.S.A.

The Williams Institute, the best gay research think tank this side of the Atlantic – has released its completed research on gay couples in the U.S. based on the latest census data. The report states that there are almost a million same sex couples living in 99 percent of American counties across the U.S. That means we’re truly in every state: Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi – even all the scary ones for us city-coddled lesbians. And that might mean a true “come to Jesus” moment for anyone in the rest of America who isn’t down with gays in America. After all, it’s pretty difficult to keep denying full federal and state protections to a group of people who are suddenly revealed to be living, working, and picket-fencing right next door.

The Institute’s research has been slowly released over the last few months, with each state’s GLBTQ census data snapshot providing fresh surprise about same sex couples and same sex couples raising children in each. We’ve provided a round up below, but you can check their site for the full report.

Gay Populations in the U.S.

San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Oakland, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Atlanta, GA; Portland, OR; Long Beach, CA; Washington, DC; Boston, MA; and Denver CO are the top populations of gay couples in large cities.

Provincetown, MA; Wilton Manors, FL; Palm Springs, CA; Rehoboth Beach, DE; Guerneville, CA; West Hollywood, CA; Pleasant Ridge, MI; New Hope, PA; Rancho Mirage, CA; and Oakland Park, FL are the top populations of gay couples in small cities.

Gay Parenting in the U.S.

Key findings:
• 22% of all same sex couples are raising children
• 60% of gay parents raising children are same-sex female couples
• Gay parenting is most common in the deep South and Mountain West regions (mostly because couples in these regions are more likely to have come out at a later age when they already had children from a previous relationship)

To find out more about gay parenting populations state by state, check out the full Williams Institute report here.

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