Chaz Bono Dancing His Way Into History Books

Chaz Bono joins DWTS

Chaz Bono is confirmed on this season’s Dancing with the Stars along with a full line up of interesting celebrities including: Carson Kressley, Nancy Grace, Ron Artest, Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, David Arquette, China Philips, Riki Lake (and many more).  Chaz is the only child of Cher and Sonny Bono and despite his celebrity as child of two uber famous stars, he is mostly well known to us as a prolific transgender activist.  He chronicled his female-to-male transition in the TV documentary Finding Chaz.

Chaz is a role model for many in the community as a leading transgender advocate, writer, actor and musician. Chaz joins the cast of DWTS this season and breaks boundaries by being the first transgendered cast member.  Also included in this very diverse cast of contestants is Carson Kressley, fashion expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and most recently for hosting his own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) titled Carson Nation.

What a tremendous step in the right direction for primetime media when they can showcase the LGBT Community’s diversity and hopefully kick ass dance skills.

I’ve been following the twitter community’s reaction on the news of Chaz and Carson joining the cast and the messages of support and encouragement couldn’t be better.  Chaz tweeted last night how excited he is to be on the cast this season.  Chaz wrote: “so happy to finale confirm that I am doing DWTS this season and I couldn’t be more excited about it”.

We wish Chaz, Carson and all of the contestants this season all the best.  I have to admit that I have never watched Dancing with the Stars, but given this season’s line up, I’m so in.  Will set my DVR to make sure I catch each episode.  Show your support by doing the same.

Season premieres September 19th on ABC (yes a Disney company – making their choice of cast members even more historic).  Tune in and let us know who you are cheering for.

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