City Select Double Stroller with a Side of Options

I love the City Select Double Stroller.   OK, love might be too strong a word.  It is however a very versatile, light-weight (for it’s class) and durable stroller as witnessed by me, the mother of twins.  We purchased the City Select Double Stroller because we wanted something with “stadium seating” that allowed us to take both babes out at one time, but provided the option of just taking one (not that we would leave the other behind – but maybe we’d divide and conquer on some days).

The City Select boasts 16 different variations for seating.  We only ended up using a handful of them.  To give you an idea of just how versatile this puppy is – check out all of the different adaptations below.  Surprisingly enough most of them are in the double configuration.

Other features worth mentioning:

  • Undercarriage space:  tons of space for all of the crap that you somehow accumulate when walking around with your kids.
  • The City Select is also super easy to fold – just keep in mind that no seats can be attached when breaking the stroller down.
  • In comparison to other double strollers it’s relatively light weight.  The biggest competitor (at least in our review) was the iCandy.
  • Toddler seats can hold up to 45lbs!  Go ahead and throw a couple of watermelons in with those kids.
  • Don’t have twins – why do you need a double?  Planning on having more kids close in age, this might actually be a cost effective option.
  • Comes in four colors: onyx (shown), ruby, diamond and amethyst.

A few cons – to keep things balanced:

  • With a $500 price tag (not including all necessary components), it’s one of the higher end strollers in terms of price point.  Just keep in mind that technically this stroller can last you for the second kid.
  • You might be a side-to-side type of parent.  Maybe the “stadium seating” that I admire isn’t your cup of tea.  This isn’t the stroller for you then.
  • Toddler seats won’t support your kids until she/he is about 6 months.  It doesn’t recline to a flat position.  This means you have to spend money for adapters to fit your infant car seat.

Not convinced?  Here are a couple of alternatives.  I stuck to the “stadium seating” versus “side by side” for proposed alternatives.  Down the line we’ll look to review side-by-side strollers as well as some of the other 1-2 child strollers (think Phil & Ted).

High Price Point

iCandy Pear Stroller: Considered a luxury stroller, this sweet ride will set you back about $900 (accessories not included).

    • Boasts “five delicious flavours” (I swear this is how their website describes the “colours” available – British manufacturer): blackcurrant, redcurrant, grape, imperial and mandarin
    • 20+ combinations for seating – most of which you’ll never use or learn how to combine.
    • Great suspension, tons of accessories.

Mid-High Price Point

Phil & Ted’s / Verve: Technically, this is still on the high end.  But this guy will/should grow with your family.  With a base price of $700 – the newest Phil&Ted’s model is a slick ride that is worth the investment (more in-depth review coming soon).

    • Easy to push, great maneuverability for both one child or two.
    • Accessories include all the goodies you need for a newborn (this seems to be pretty standard now for most strollers): Bassinet, travel system…etc.
    • Double kit for newborn and toddler or when you’re ready double kit for two toddlers.
    • A bit on the heavy side at 28lbs (not including accessories) – this isn’t the type of stroller you want to throw in and out of your trunk.  Great urban stroller option.

Low Price Point

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller (quite a mouthful I know): At $289, The Chicco Cortina Together DS is a great option for families facing down the journey of raising twins.  This stroller is also built to grow with your family.  If you have a toddler now and are expecting, this might be the stroller for you.Easy to assemble and has tons of available accessories.

  • Smooth ride – given the price point this is a huge win.
  • Big under carriage storage space.  It’s incredible the amount of crap you end up hoarding when walking your kids around the neighborhood.  I can’t say enough about having a large space for storage on your stroller.
  • Way too many complaints about the lack of shade – I was not able to confirm that this could easily be solved by purchasing an external sun shade – ask your friendly sales person for an good option.

Bottom line.  I’m super happy with the City Select.  If you’re having twins, go for a test drive…whatever that means.  If you’re having one baby and are considering a second shortly after – throw this on your registry and maybe someone will buy it for you!!

Another tip for the newbies out there – ask the store that you purchase your stroller from (regardless of stroller) to assemble it for you.  Most will do it if you simply ask, some smaller mom and pop shops might charge you a fee.  It’s worth it.

Too lazy to do your own research?  That’s great because we love doing this.  Send us a product you’re on the fence about and we’ll aim to review it.  Got a product you absolutely love and NEED our readers to know about – please don’t keep to yourself.

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