Kentucky Lesbian Couple and Children Attacked: Attack was a Hate Crime

As parents we hate to think about anything happening to our kids.  As an LGBT parent, your worst fear is that your family will be the target of a hate crime or even just negative attention.  This past July, as reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader, a Kentucky lesbian couple and their two children (along with other extended family members) were attacked by a crowd as they tried to watch a local fireworks display.  The Kentucky Equality Federation stepped in to try and help after receiving this complaint and are moving to have the U.S. Department of Justice investigate the case.  The couple, Misty and Brandy contacted the Kentucky Equality Federation (KEF) only after initial hearings and concern of the questioning and handling of their case.

The couple have lived in the community for several years and are raising two children together.  The state of Kentucky has hate crime laws, but the concern and call from the KEF to have the Justice Department step in speaks volumes of the lack of enforcement in rural areas.  This type of hate crime is probably witnessed in other parts of the country and has just gone unreported.

As a parent and a human being, I will never understand how others are capable of this type of behavior.  Forget that this is a gay couple, they are human beings out with their children and grand parents trying to enjoy a community event.  I’m sure the hostility of the crowd was incited by alcohol and a pack mentality that may have at the time encouraged the unacceptable actions.  This could have very well turned out to be a much bigger tragedy – for both ends.  How many of these incidents go unreported on a daily basis in this country and around the world?

I am so grateful that organizations like the Kentucky Equality Federation exist and are helping the LGBT Community.  Show your support by visiting their site and donating (time or money).

Kentucky Equality Federation: you can also read the press release about the Harlan County hate crime here.

Have you or your family been discriminated against or attacked because of your sexuality?  Where are you located?  What steps did you take and what do you advise others to do in this situation?  Send us your comments!

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