Sara Gilbert Splits with Longtime Partner Allison Adler

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Sara Gilbert, Roseanne star and co-host and co-creator of CBS’ The Talk, has ended her 10-year relationship with TV producer Allison Adler, according to People (the magazine, not just random people I know). Gilbert, 36, and Adler, 44, will share custody of their children, son Levi, 6, and daughter Sawyer, 4. A rep for Gilbert says the separation is “completely amicable.” Phew – because I like Gilbert and I admire her for probably being the most subtly “out” lesbian on TV these days.

That said, I haven’t really noticed her much — I can’t say I’ve ever been a super fan of Gilbert, nor have I not liked her. My only real connection to her is that my brother’s best friend in high school used to call me “Darlene” because I had curly hair and a chip on my shoulder. I’ve only seen about 1.1 second of The Talk, and during that she seemed to be almost too reasonable for the company she was keeping on the show – she’s smart and down-to-earth, and doesn’t seem made for the catty one-upmanship of a show like The View or The Talk. Here’s a clip of her talking about why she started the show:

Cute, right? And very…reasonable, measured, academic. Also a cute interaction with Leah Remini, who I kind of can’t help but think is a thousand times better suited to this TV format, in her shooting-off-the-mouth-bawdy-is-my-middle-name swagger. In watching Gilbert on The Talk, I think she might use a little bit of the oh-so-lesbian angsty wit that made Darlene fun:

I like the idea of why Gilbert wanted to start the show, but I can’t help thinking it might be better served on a smaller cable network – on OWN say – where she wouldn’t have to choose women who would drown her out every second or who constantly presented themselves as caricatures. Better yet, why not start a show about gay parenting in particular and pitch it to LOGO? Anyway, I feel for Sara, and her partner, and her kids, and hope it truly is an amicable breakup.

What do you think? Have you gone through a split with a longtime partner? How did you handle telling your kids or sharing custody? Are you a fan of The Talk and Gilbert?

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