Sperm Bank Comparison

See how top sperm banks for lesbian couples stack up.

It’s a bit awkward to “shop” for sperm, but once you start the process, the options can be overwhelming, time consuming, and a little confusing. Sorting through sperm bank sites to figure out what they offer, and at what cost, and how they compare to others can keep you up at night. So we’ve saved you some time. Here are the offerings of five top sperm banks, so you can compare in one place.

California Cryobank

URL: http://www.cryobank.com/
How many donors available: 285
Sperm Cost (per vial) ICI/IUI:
Anonymous Donors:
Premium ICI $465.00
Premium IUI $585.00
A.R.T.* ICI $335.00
A.R.T.* IUI $415.00
Open Donors:
Premium ICI $565.00
Premium IUI $685.00
A.R.T.* ICI $435.00
A.R.T.* IUI $515.00
Donor Info/Cost:
Extended Donor Profile $20.00
Express Yourself $20.00
Facial Features Report $20.00
Donor Conversation $20.00
Keirsey Report $20.00
Handwriting Analysis $20.00
Childhood Photo(s) $25.00
Limit on Individual Donor Sperm: Limit varies by individual donor depending on pregnancies reported and vials shipped. Would not disclose limit, but they do offer a sibling registry.


URL: http://www.fairfaxcryobank.com/
How many donors available: 203
Sperm Cost (per vial) ICI/IUI:
Fairfax Doctorate ICI $455.00
IUI $565.00
IVF $305.00
Fairfax ICI $415.00
IUI $520.00
IVF $300.00
Donor Info Cost:
Medical Profile (phone order) $18.00
Personal Profile (from website) $20.00
Personal Profile (phone order) $24.00
Audio Interview (website or phone order) $30.00
Audio Interview (phone order) $34.00
Childhood Photo (from website) $16.00 Childhood Photo (phone order) $19.00
Silhouette (from website) $21.00 Silhouette (phone order) $23.00
Lifetime Photo Series -Mail only $75.00
Adult/Childhood Photo Set – Mail only $45.00
Childhood Photo/Silhouette set (from website) $32.00
Childhood Photo/Silhouette set (phone order) $36.00
Personality Testing Keirsey Donor Report: A Classic Temperament Report on an individual donor $19.00
Unique Proposition: Doctorate program – donors who are enrolled in law or medical school
Limit on Individual Donor Sperm: Unable to determine from website.

Pacific Reproductive Services

URL: https://pacrepro.com/index.php
How many donors available: 121
Sperm Cost (per vial) ICI/IUI:
Willing to Be Known Donor (when child is 18 years of age)
1.0cc ICI Standard Vial $495.00
0.5cc IUI Prepared Vial $595.00
ART ICI Vial * 375.00
Anonymous Donor
1.0cc ICI Standard Vial $395.00
0.5cc IUI Prepared Vial $495.00
ART ICI Vial * $275.00
Donor Info/Cost:
Long donor profiles. $17 each.
Donor baby/child photos.. $35 each.
Donor audio interviews. $30 each.
Photomatching service. $85 fee. This service is not available online.
Limit on Individual Donor Sperm: Unable to determine from website.
Unique proposition: Lesbian-owned sperm bank, largest number of such “willing to be known” donors. Now providing full-face donor video interviews and/or current photos of a broad range of donors.

Rainbow Flag Health Services

URL: http://www.gayspermbank.com/index.html
How many donors available: 11
Sperm Cost (per vial)
ICI: $250
IUI: $475
Donor Info/Cost: $5.00 for Detailed Personal information
Unique Proposition:
The only sperm bank in North America to actively recruit Gay and Bisexual sperm donors. Whether Gay, Bisexual or Heterosexual, donors wish to have children in their lives but do not wish to raise children. (Or, some men who already have children do not wish to raise more children.)
The only sperm bank to tell the mother who the donor is when the child is three months old.
Limit on Individual Donor Sperm: Limit donors to have children by only 4-6 different women.

Sperm Bank of California

URL: http://thespermbankofca.org/
How many donors available: 94
Sperm Cost (per vial) ICI/IUI:
Required 1st Time Recipient Registration Fee $10
Unwashed Vial of Anonymous Donor Sperm $390 1cc
Washed IUI-Ready Vial of Anonymous Donor Sperm $460 .5cc
Unwashed Vial of Identity-Release® Donor Sperm $490 1cc
Washed IUI-ready vial of Identity-Release® Donor Sperm $560 .5cc
Purchase 6 vials or more at one time and receive an instant 5% discount.
Donor Info/Cost:
Free donor profiles that summarize each donor’s medical and family history, and include his short personal narrative. Free staff impressions of donors.
Long Charts containing physical characteristics, health habits, personal interests, and educational background for the donor and members of his immediate biological family. $15.00
Donor Baby Photos (some donors) $35.00
Limit on Individual Donor Sperm: Ten families worldwide for each donor
Unique Proposition: The only non-profit sperm bank in the United States, has one of lowest family/pregnancy limits on sperm compared to other banks.


URL: http://www.xytex.com/
How many donors available: 163
Sperm Cost (per vial) ICI/IUI:
Xytex Unwashed units, per unit $430.00
Xytex Unwashed ID Disclosure units, per unit $540.00
Xytex Prewashed units, per unit $530.00
Xytex Prewashed ID Disclosure units, per unit $640.00
Xytex ART units, per unit $315.00
Xytex ART ID Disclosure units, per unit $415.00
Xytex Select Unwashed units, per unit $265.00
Xytex Select Washed units, per unit $365.00
Donor Info/Cost:
Enhanced Donor Profile includes PhotoFile (if available), BabyFile(if available), donor essay, and social information
Three-Month Unlimited Internet Access Includes Enhanced Profiles and Photographs
Three-Month Ultra Unlimited Internet Access Includes Enhanced Profiles and Photographs plus access to all available expanded PhotoSpans and Donor Audio Interviews
Donor Audio Interview
Limit on Individual Donor Sperm: “Any donor with 35 family units should be retired…[With the retirement, any] remaining inventory can be sold until the donor reaches 40 family units”
Unique Proposition: Enhanced definition donor images.

Have you had an experience with one of these sperm banks? Leave a comment below and share your experience with other prospective lesbian parents.


  1. Bostonnina says:

    After extensive research and being pulled in many different directions, we ended up with The Sperm Bank of California (TSBC). The staff provide so much information upfront for free, the guaranteed 20 million sperm count, the non profit’s interest and dedication to research on children and families created with donor sperm, and the great staff make up for the lack of adult photos, videos and other slick marketing tools the others use. Seriously, we love TSBC and wish we would have listened to our friends instead of being entranced by more attractive websites, videos, etc.

  2. Pajamamomma says:

    We used TSBC also, and had a similarly positive experience. We were impressed that they are a non-profit, and that they were one of the first places to offer identity-release donors. Plus they have a low family limit and are doing interesting research about how donor-conceived children feel down the line. All of this made us feel like they were a place that was focused on positive outcomes for kids and families, not just on making a buck.

  3. snickers says:

    We used Xytex. At first we were very please with them… Large selection of willing to be known donors… the all access fee allows you to look at ALL donor pictures and essays which is so helpful in choosing a donor… the fact that they offer adult photos.
    *********** BUT ************
    And this is a HUGE but…. They do NOT limit their donors to 40 family units. We had to harass them to even get them to retire him once he hit the 35 family limit. Then they took that wording off of their website… (I was so glad to see you had it copied here!) Then long after he was past the 40 family units, they continue to release pre-sold units to people who have not yet achieved pregancy. Pregnancies from these vials are going to continue to balloon out the number of family units. AND then on top of all that, they have stopped sharing with us the numbers. Last we knew our donor was at 50 families with 54 children. They say it is because they don’t want to share “inaccurate” numbers, and I will concede they are inaccurate… they are too low… but the reason they won’t share is because they cant defend their utter and complete failure to limit the number to anywhere near 40. Through random contacts on message boards, I KNOW of at least 4 families trying and I am sure there are dozens more that are trying that I don’t know about. Now one of those families is pregnant and I am dreading the slew of pregnancies/births that are going to keep rolling in. They have made our children and our families in to a freak show. These kinds of numbers are the stuff of reality tv shows and cautionary documentaries.

    The limit of 40 just means that they will stop selling at 40, but they will sell, sell, SELL unti that time. Don’t be fooled in to thinking they ever had any intention of only having 40 family units. I think the number they actually have in their head is closer to 100.


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