Independent Adoption

Remember the movie Juno? In a nutshell, this is DIY adoption. You will find birth parents who want or need to place their child in an adoption on your own, and complete that adoption through an attorney. The pros of independent adoption include being able to work directly with a birth mother (and your lawyer), knowing your child’s genetic and medical history, and the possibility that your child may be able to contact or know his or her birth parent. However, this type of adoption is illegal in many states. Also, there is a greater risk for boundary issues, unrealistic expectations, and the possibility that a birth mother will change her mind or back out upon learning of your sexual orientation.

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  1. DeQuan Bruno says:

    Hi im a male 23 of age im African American and im single and im looking to adoption a son can you contact me a my email address and what I have to do to adopted


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