Cost of Using an Egg Donor

Egg donors, although typically less expensive than surrogates, can be a major expense in your gay parenting journey. Here’s what you can expect to pay, whether you’re going through an agency or finding an egg donor on your own.

Administrative Fees – $7,000 This can include fees for genetic counseling, travel to and from appointments, matching services

Donor Psychological Evaluation – This may be done as a service within your chosen fertility clinic, or your surrogacy/egg donation agency perform this service – $400

Donor Legal Consultation – $400

Egg Donor Insurance – $100-$400

Egg Donor Fees – $5,000 – $10,000 (Depending on donor)

Egg Donor Expenses – $500-$5000 (Depending on location of donor, etc)

Your Attorney/Legal Fees – $700 – $1,000

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  1. Meslisa says:

    Me and my partner want to start a family I want to carry her baby using her egg and a male donner is this possible and is it more excpensive because I do not need compensation


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