Cost of International Adoption

Cost: $25,000 – $45,000

The cost of international adoption typically includes a U.S. adoption agency fee, a country program fee, travel expenses, legal fees, and any other fees that may or may not be included in the U.S. agency fee, such as homestudy costs, post-placement, and immigration processing.

U.S. Agency Fees

The following represent typical agency fees for International Adoption:

Dossier – $800 – $1,000 This is a bundle of documents that are required to adopt internationally. Essentially, they verify you are qualified to adopt. It typically includes a criminal background check, your health information, verification of your employment, copies of your birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more. The majority of these documents have to be notarized and/or authenticated

Immigration and Visa Processing (USCIS (INS)/State Department Fees)

  • Filing fee: I-600, I-600A $525
  • Filing fee: Fingerprints (each adult) $85
  • Filing fee: N-600 (formerly N-643)$200
  • Immigrant visa application fee $260
  • Immigrant visa issuance fee $60


Court Costs: $2,500 -$12,000

Travel (Or Escorting Fees) : $4,500 – $15,000

Child Medical Care and Treatment: The review of medial records and consultation for adoption typically ranges from $200 to $700. In addition, the U.S. Department of State requires a medical exam of the child before issuing his/her visa.

Attorney Fees: Document preparation $500-$2,000

Country Program Fees: This fee ranges from approximately $8,880 to approximately $30,000, depending upon the child’s country of origin (see list below).

Post Placement Visits: $200-$1,500

Homestudy Fees: $300 – $3,000


Sample Country Program Fees:

China $9,000

Ecuador $7,500

Guatemala $7,500

India $7,500

Korea $12,250

Mongolia $9,000

Philippines $7,500

Romania $7,500

Thailand $7,500

Vietnam $9,000
Ethiopia $9,500

Haiti $12,000

Hong Kong $1,500

Lithuania $10,000

South Korea $14,175
Taiwan $4,000-$10,000


Other Fees (Will Vary By Country)

  • Travel expenses (transportation, hotel, meals)
  • Foreign attorney legal and placement fee
  • Foster and medical care for the child
  • Use of translation and escort services by US agency representative in the foreign country
  • Foreign court filing fee and document fees (birth certificate and adoption decree)
  • Required “donation” to orphanage or agency
  • Translation services and escort services
  • Passport office fees



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